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Are you a CEO, President or owner of a company with $2 to $200+ million in revenue? If so, you understand the critical aspect of having a strong team to depend on. It’s not culture, social background or academic education determining the success of a leader, but the ability to hire, develop and motivate teams throughout the company. 
No matter what type of business you are in; manufacturing, insurance brokerage, transportation or sales; you must be able to balance and influence complex organizational relationships.

My privilege is coaching leaders and their teams to develop focus, master communication skills and manage stress. My clients have taught me many times the three biggest needs of a leader are; to have a confidant, develop a strong team and maintain effective work-life balance. I’ve discovered working with leaders that work-life balance is completely dependent on the strength of their teams.
I bring real world experience to you and your team. Avoid additional effort; save time, energy. 
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Best Franchise For Sale‎!

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If you are looking to start a franchise business under $10000, if you are searching how to start an online business, you have landed at the right place where you can find franchise opportunities for sale that fit your budget.

We offer training, products, support, opportunities and the honest and authentic message of hope and freedom.

Small-business owners, entrepreneurs and those franchises for sale under 10k opportunity seekers learn how to leverage Internet and technology to get more customers without dealing with the technical, marketing and overhead challenges that frustrate many entrepreneurs and small-business owners.
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Capital Funding Hard Money recognizes that commercial real estate is rapidly becoming the investment of choice for savvy investors all over the world. With the attractive spread between Cap Rates and Interest Rates, commercial real estate offers an excellent opportunity for commercial real estate investors. As the market heats up, investors from around the world see plenty of reason to own commercial real estate investments.

We at Capital Funding Hard Money offer a diverse mix of commercial real estate loans. We work with both private and institutional funding sources for both owner-occupied and investment properties.
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"We invented the ultimative 100% automated Forex Money Machine!”
Get The First Self Updating Real Money Trading Robot That Is Proven To Be Profitable In Every Market Condition
A $5100 Real Money Deposit Turning Into $42,500
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What Makes us Unique:  I'm sure you have heard by now that credit repair companies are fraud! In most cases they are; especially companies that promise to remove accurate information; while promising you a credit score increase of 200+ points. Be aware that many credit repair companies do not care to educate you about credit restoration, and make false promises, charging membership fees. Improve Credit Consulting Firm is here to prove that credit consulting organizations are not all fraud, and truly believe credit restoration is possible with everyone.We have become a leader in credit consulting for companies and the average consumer. Regardless of your past credit we know we can help you.
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Worldstuffer is the centralized network of online urban communities for posting local online classified advertisements. Choose your location in more than six hundred cities all over the world and start enjoying the site.

Worldstuffer is a form of free classified advertising which includes seven categories: Buy & Sale, Vehicles, Housing, Services, Community, Personals, Jobs with wide variety of subdivisions.

Worldstuffer is the source of local events in your city. Participate in many forums on various topics and stay tuned with up-to-date local news and events.

Worldstuffer is a free-access social networking website. Users can join networks organized by city, workplace, school, interests or activities to connect and interact with other people. People can also add friends and send them messages, and update their personal profiles to notify friends about themselves.
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Our Vision

From the beginning in 2002 GEN5 Consulting was designed to be unique - different from any other consultancy. In a world of also-rans and cookie-cutter approaches we built a consultancy that really is different. Our tagline of "Accessible Expertise” describes our approach perfectly. We make the combination of executive-level business leadership and world-class consulting expertise accessible, affordable, and attainable for small and mid-sized companies – companies who need it most and often can least afford it. Perhaps most importantly we envisioned and developed a consultancy committed to the success of U.S. companies and U.S. workers.

Over ten years later our focus is still on small and mid-sized firms. We know that what matters most to any company is cost-effectiveness and execution - measureable results with affordable delivery. Our core service offerings target interim IT leadership, broad IT outsourcing, organizational and operational turnaround, performance improvement, enterprise project management & quality assurance, and at-risk project rescue. Through these offerings, and our commitment to Accessible Expertise, GEN5 helps our clients to achieve improved performance, growth, and competitive advantage.

Our Values
At GEN5 Consulting we:
Deliver value far in excess of the cost of our services
Consistently exceed our clients’ expectations in every way
Build enduring relationships with our clients through trust and trust-worthiness, commitment, integrity, candor, hard work, and execution
Describe problems only in the context of workable, cost-effective solutions
Maintain an absolute philosophy of "no surprises” for our clients
Discuss even the toughest issues and challenges with forthrightness, candor, and sensitivity
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