1. Bannercho is a unique Business Banner Catalog. It is one of a kind platform to promote Your business in one attractive, innovative and interesting way

2. Each ad consists of: Title, Description, Banner ad, Tags and hyperlinks

3. We use static and animated banners in any resolution. Supported media formats are jpeg, png, gif and HTML5

4. All the ads are created by professional graphic designers or provided by our partners, and manually approved by our editorial team

5. We use different types of advertising methods: Standard ads, Featured ads, Sponsored Links, Top Opportunities and Top eBooks

6. Standard ads are permanent on the site

7. Featured ads are active for one month

8. Sponsored links are active for a limited time

9. Top eBooks and Top Opportunities ads are active for one year

10. If you ever want to stop running one or more of your ads, please contact your partner or contact us here

11. Ads with broken URLs will be removed without any prior notice

12. You can contact us here