Our history

Bannercho started its journey in October 2012. By December, we refreshed our website's design to keep up with the latest tech trends. With the website's growing popularity, we rolled out three ad types in February 2013: Standard, Featured, and Premium. By mid-2013, we added "Hot Deals" and "Most Popular" sections, and by July, we included a "Sponsored Links" area. November 2013 saw a full revamp of our categories.

In the next two years, we made significant improvements to the site with the help of top designers and engineers. 2016 was a busy year: we added an eBooks section in March, dropped flash support in April, and highlighted "Top eBooks" and "Top Opportunities" in June.

In 2017, we embraced Advanced HTML5 animation in January and switched to HTTPS in February to stay updated with modern web trends. A milestone was achieved in January 2018 when we partnered with Banner Solutions K&K - Global Advertising Network. The following year, we enhanced our advertising tools, allowing for more SEO customization.

Our dedication to quality was evident when we expanded our graphics team in March 2020. Fast-forward to 2022, our website received another major update. We're excited about what's coming next in 2023 and beyond!