Our history

Bannercho was officially launched in October 2012. Technology development forced us to upgrade the website design in December of that year. We launched three types of ads in February 2013 - Standard, Featured, Premium, due to the increased popularity of the website. We decided to offer better exposure for our advertisers in May 2013, by adding the following sections - "Hot Deals" and "Most Popular". In July 2013 we also added "Sponsored links" area. We made a complete upgrade of all categories in November 2013, due to the increased interest in our business. We made a complete upgrade of the website and its functionality in 2014 and 2015, when leading designers and engineers joined our team. We added eBooks subcategories in March 2016, due to the high number of customers willing to advertise ebooks on our platform. Technology development forced us to discontinue flash support in April 2016. We added "Top eBooks" and "Top Opportunities" sections in June 2016, because of the of e-books and various business opportunities advertising growth. In January 2017, we introduced Advanced HTML5 animation. We migrated to https in February 2017, following the latest web design trends. We were honoured by being chosen as a partner of Banner Solutions K&K - Global Advertising Network in January 2018. We launched Advanced SEO tools for all ads including custom URL, meta title, meta description and meta keywords in October 2019. Professional graphic design artists joined our dedicated graphics team in March 2020.