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Sonny Collins, known as a pretty boy and very popular with all the girls around his Projects complex, longs for more.

His popularity even benefits his childhood best friend, Randy Finches, who is continuously caught up in the "Hit It and Quit It," which doesn't interest him. At 14 years old, Sonny gets sexually involved with 20-year-old Sharon Miller, and he struggles not to get drawn in. Sonny has always been close to his momma, and she is devastated when she finds out the truth about Sharon. Randy wants Sonny to be more like him with the girls, and their friendship starts to suffer. Sonny feels like everything is changing so much, and he wants to get his life back in order. Can he ever get his friendship with Randy back to the way it was? Is being with Sharon enough when everybody is against the relationship? Is it even possible to rebuild the trust with his momma and have her feel the same way about him?

No matter what, Sonny wants to be the kind of man his late father would be proud of, but is that even possible?

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How to talk any woman into bed
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