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Practical video and media training basics for bloggers, influencers, beginners and introverts
to gain more confidence in front of the camera.

Leveraging over 20 years of experience both in front and behind the camera,
Jeannette Kaplun shares her best tips, from what to speak about, to what equipment to use.

She also guides you on what to wear, how to apply makeup for high definition video, and
the easiest apps to edit your videos.

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You are most likely familiar with your zodiac (also called astrological) sign, and perhaps you've even read your horoscope, but astrology is much more than that. Horoscopes are very generalized, but astrology is complex and can be quite informative when you understand it.

Are you intrigued by astrology but overwhelmed by too much information?

Astrological Guide to the Universe – For Beginners is your insightful guide to the enchanting world of astrology.

It doesn’t matter if you want to delve into your astrological sign and learn more about yourself or someone special to you.

This beginner’s guide serves you astrological tidbits for all ages to enjoy!

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You are now (or soon will be) a father!

Fatherhood can at first seem like a daunting prospect; after all, you want the very best for your little bundle of joy. Knowing what your new-born needs isn’t always simple but fear not – this book has you covered. Papa: A New Father’s Guide To Caring For The Munchkin At Home contains all of the do’s and do-nots of parenting, to give your mini-me the very best possible start in life.

This concise guide, written and compiled by Beau Salts, a male registered nurse, tackles all of the core points of new-born child care, including:

• Safety – How to create a safe environment, and unexpected hazards to look out for!
• Crying – Why it’s happening, and what to do
• Hygiene- Bathing, clothing and diaper changing
• Sleep – For both your baby, and you!
• Nutrition – Breastfeeding, formula and general nutrition
• Health – Umbilical cord care
• You – Because your health is important too!
• Work – Making the transitions; both out of work, and back to it
• And much, much more!

Sadly, babies don’t come equipped with an instruction leaflet, but this detailed guide contains all you’ll need in a simple and easy-to-digest format. Fatherhood is a monumental and joyous change in any man’s life; ensure you start off on the right foot – you, and your baby, deserve it.

"This book really helps with the first time parent. Male or female can learn what to except in detail and when to be scared or nervous about the well-being of their munchkin!"

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Few people grasp the true nature of online poker.

At its core, online poker is not a card game. It is a game of psychology.
Online poker is a game of reading, analyzing and posturing, a game of manipulation,
a game of interpersonal relationships and a game of supreme, raw competition.

Of course, everyone has experience at life, but not everyone has experience at poker.

Take your calculated risks to the next level with our eBook
that contains a step by step tutorial on how to master the art of online poker
within the first month of your career.

Three proven secrets that cannot be found in any poker book on the market,
delivered to you on a silver platter. Once mastered, these three skill sets
will give you the power to eliminate your competitors and overcome any financial tribulation.

You have the opportunity to do exactly what Online Poker Champs' CEO did,
make six figures in online poker.

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Are you in the market for a good used car or truck? Are you unsure of what to look for or how to go about checking the many components and systems on a modern vehicle? This manual will show many of the techniques that professional automotive technicians and vehicle inspectors use when doing a pre-purchase inspection on a used car or truck.

Among other things, this book will show you non-invasive ways to find previous bodywork, flood and water damage, and issues with big ticket items like the engine and transmission.

The author, who has been in the automotive industry since 1990, worked as a Mercedes Benz and BMW technician for ten years. For the last 18 years he has worked as a vehicle inspector who specializes in Pre-Purchase Inspections, Mechanical Breakdown Assessments, Lemon/Problem Car Evaluations, Engine Failure Analysis and Certified Pre-Owned Quality Consulting.

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Tags: Pre-Owned Vehicle Inspection Manual, Dexter Mills Jr., A Guide to Buying a Used Car, used car buying guide, techniques, professional automotive technicians, car inspection, used cars, used trucks, car engine, engine inspection, transmission inspection, buying a used car, Pre-Purchase Inspection

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The book contains easy simple steps which help anyone start writing now. 
It will answer your question on how to write a book? 
It will help you in any level to start writing your book now. 
It will give you the proper guidance to star writing books today and share your thoughts and knowledge.

Discover the best subjects to write about
✓ Learn more about the process of writing
✓ Learn how to write well 
✓ Learn how to get some comments before you publish your book

This book will encourage you to be a writer!

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"Perfect edition to my current collection!"

A great resource for those who want to grow a garden, but lack the space!

If you live in an apartment, you might be lamenting the fact you have no yard or space for the relaxing and enjoyable process of growing your own food.
However, it takes less space than you think to grow your plants and even a small apartment can benefit from the advantages of a few vegetables or fruits pots.

Learn The Steps How To Start An Apartment Garden Today!

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Tags: Apartment Gardening, Grow vegetables, fruits, and herbs in small spaces, Gerard (Jerry) White, Apartment Gardening Ideas, gardening without a garden, small space gardening, apartment gardening for beginners, simple gardening techniques, indoor gardening, apartment vegetable and fruits gardening

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"Carlos Chavez has done a great job with presenting the information so that you can make a quality decision about your education choices. This is a great book for students, parents, grandparents, and yes educators."

If you are one of the many people thinking of changing or improving your current situation and lifestyle, you may have considered enrolling in a for-profit, post-secondary career training institution. These are the schools that you often see advertised on TV, in local newspapers, and on the Internet. But due to bad business practices and deceptive approaches, these schools have created an environment that puts profit over competence, leading thousands of students to suffer financial and educational losses as a result. 

This book was written with a specific objective: to create awareness of for-profit, post-secondary career training institutions. It is based on personal experiences and many years at these kinds of institutions.

Available in Kindle, Paperback and Audiobook
Read More and Get Your Copy Now. Click Here
Tags: Don't Fall For It, The Truth about For-Profit Career Institutions, Carlos Chavez, career training and education, society and communities, for profit colleges, for profit universities, students, parents, grandparents, educators, for-profit higher education, professional, continuing education, advice

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Fascinating Facts for the Whole Family
Trivia about Human Body and Cute Animals 
(Cats, Dogs, Pandas, Horses and Pigs)

A compilation of facts suitable for children. 
This book will entice them into reading and learning new stuff while having fun.
The book contains 600+ pieces of trivia and is covering topics that kids love: cute animals and human body. The lack of explicit sexuality, foul language or gore makes it a good read for anyone in the age range 8-18 years (and their parents too).

Fascinating Facts for the Whole Family is loaded with verified facts and will provide you with hours of entertainment.
Get your copy now. Click Here
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Do responsibilities, school or work get you stressed? Do you often catch yourself fidgeting due to anxiety? Then this book will show you how a Fidget Toy can be an essential tool in ones toolkit for combating stress.

•Get the inside knowledge why fidget toys is beneficial to stress relief, ADHD, AUTISM and ADD. 
•Learn some fun facts about why a fidget toy has a calming effect on the mind. 
and much more..

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Education & How To's | Transitions: 212 | Date: 2017-08-05

Academic injustice and bullying are problems in the US. 
The system of higher education in this nation must be reformed. 
My situation in Graduate School was an extreme case, but one that will resonate with many current students, former students, and faculty. 

My newest book elucidates many of the problems in our system that tragically go unspoken. 

Click Here To Watch The Official Book Trailer
or Click Here To Take Advantage Of The Pre-Release Price Of $0.99!
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In this book you will learn to understand the seeds of a man, there's many seeds a man will have plant on his journey of becoming a man. Learning the steps of life and the problems we deal with as men daily can be quite challenging at times. From childhood to adult hood I will walk you through the steps of a mans path which will provide answers and understanding of the male species. Men and Women are different in many ways but in so many ways we're made for each other. Ladies if your interested in a better understandings of us men, This is a must read!

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Ultimate Poker Strategy Guide 3 by Michael S 144 pages

-Michael S is on the most viewed author list in Quora Poker and a lifetime student of the Game
-15 years experience playing tournaments and cash games

Ultimate Poker Strategy Guide 3 will show you:

I) How to gain an edge on your opponents by analyzing different situations and lines
II) Master Mathematical odds and probabilities
III) Develop the mindset of a professional poker player and gain the ability to analyze situations
IV) Maximize your profit psychologically and mathematically

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The most hilarious travelguide you need, when on the road in Belgium or the Netherlands. Whether you want to be able to flirt with someone, get them in your bed ("I do regret it"), know what to say on a wedding ("You're the worst best man"), in a restaurant, long term relationship ("We should get a dog"), during breakup ("I'm taking the dog with me!"), in a pub ("I can't feel my shoe."), during traffic ("I think we're flashed") or just want to have a decent conversation... It's all there! Your knowledge will be improved!
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Tags: How to swear & love in Dutch, hilarious travelguide, humorous, entertaining, Belgium traveguide, Netherlands travelguide, introduction to the Dutch language, learning Dutch language, learning Dutch grammar, Dutch phrasebook, improve your Dutch knowledge, fun ways to practice Dutch language

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Become A Pokemon Master Today!
Do you want to keep wasting time trying to level, or do you want to learn the Top-Secret Hacks? 

There is a lot of competition, and there are specific strategies that you can learn to have an advantage over your competition. We will go over a complete walk-through of how to play Pokemon Go, so that if you are a beginner, you can quickly learn the ropes and advance, or if you are more experienced, you can learn strategies to level your Pokemon and trainer faster than your peers. 
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Michael Borgers has created the go to guide for individuals interested in an efficient and effective way to learn Mandarin Chinese. 

The Secret to Mastering Your Chinese Level 1 Exam begins with an introduction leaving the reader no choice but to ponder why they did not acquire this informative guide sooner. This invaluable resource promises that diligent readers will pass their HSK1 with little to no effort on the first try after following the method prescribed here for just under eight weeks! 
So, are you ready to learn a new skill and study one of the most fascinating languages in the world ? Then don't hesitate and press the buy button. 
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Let me ask you a few short questions:
•Did you know you're being taken advantage off every time you rent a car?
•Do you want to know the TRUE insider secrets so that YOU control the process?
•Do you want to stop being fooled by rental corporations, their arbitrary fees and keep a bigger part of your hard earned money?
If your answer to any of the questions above is yes, then this book is a must buy for you!
Get it now. Click here
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Are you in a guitar slump? Having trouble advancing your skill level? Maybe you are just having trouble releasing your creativity. This short ebook is not an unreadable academic paper on guitar theory, but a look into the world of how the brain processes musical information during creative moments and improvisation through the eyes of a multi-instrumentalist who has been where you have been. The insight in this short, informal written lecture is meant to show you new ways to look at playing the guitar creatively and powerful new ways to improve the quality of your guitar practice. This book provides information based on research into more esoteric fields and is guaranteed to help the reader gain the skills it takes to become a more creative and skillful player. This ebook will help you to bring a more meditative approach to your guitar playing and allow your practice to speak directly to your creative side. Your guitar practice will have never been so powerful!
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E-Books | Transitions: 410 | Date: 2016-01-21

Song Arrangement for the Small Recording Studio: Create pro music productions using modern arrangement techniques 
Song Arrangement for the Small Studio is a well-crafted handbook that provides plenty of relevant theory, explanatory diagrams, relevant song examples, and practical steps for applying it in your own song production projects. It’s the perfect resource for mixing engineers that want to go beyond plugins and mixing techniques and take their song productions to the next level. 
Tags: Song Arrangement for the Small Recording Studio, create pro music productions, Making Arrangements, Build a Song Arrangement, ultimate guide, techniques, music composition, music recording, guide to arranging music, Arranging Music Tips

E-Books | Transitions: 450 | Date: 2016-01-19

If you want to experience more rejections in your life from women DO NOT BUY this ebook! On the other hand, if you want to learn to play your cards right in flirting and seducing sexy ladies, READ this informative ebook! This humorous ebook will definitely boost your confidence tremendously. Winning the Seduction Game is Guarantee. You won't regret it! If you apply the unbelievable techniques shared in this ebook, you will have control over women. 
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E-Books | Transitions: 411 | Date: 2015-12-30

A Simple Christmas the Amish Way: Inspiration from Amish Friends to Escape the Holiday Chaos and Enjoy the Season (Amish Cookie Recipes Included) 

Some think Amish and fun just don't mix. Many see them as stoic statue-like folks, never cracking a smile. Let this book enlighten you that the Amish celebrate Christmas better with a lot less stress and more fun. Having lived near or among the Amish for many years, Karen Anna Vogel shares in journal style her frustrations about materialism and the pressures that break out bankbook and backs. 
Tags: A Simple Christmas the Amish Way, escape the holiday chaos, enjoy the season, enjoy the holiday, Amish Cookie Recipes Included, spiritual, motivation, The Helpful Guide to Simple Christmas, steps to a Less Stress Christmas, steps to a Less Stress holiday, tips for a Stress-Free Holiday Season

E-Books | Transitions: 429 | Date: 2015-12-08

When it comes to the holiday invitation to family dinner, Author Nicholl McGuire sheds some light on a topic that gives people much anxiety, "Should I go?" In this helpful guide, the wife and mother of four discusses what you can do to ease the stress of whether you should sit this one out or go for it this holiday season. Make peace not war in your home when it comes to family related events.
Tags: Should I Go to the Party, relationships, family, family activities, planned events, holiday, holiday parties, in-laws, intimate relationships, dating, family events

E-Books | Transitions: 409 | Date: 2015-12-04

Father and Son is a guide for the young, mature male going into the world of relationships. This guide describes relationship situations which maybe too confusing for a young male. As a father himself, Jerome A. Carter’s goal is to prepare his son and other young men for life, long lessons. He breaks down the scenarios and gives solutions that are hard hitting and understandable. After reading this guide, young men will have a better awareness of the complexities that are relationships. He will be educated to the many conscious and subconscious factors at work. Where other books are incomplete, Father to Son finishes the job.
Tags: Life Long Lessons From Father To Son, society, relationships, young male guide, guide for the young, social skills, a guide to growing up in life, valuable life lessons, Important Lessons to Teach Your Sons 

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Join now and get your  "Special Bonus Report"
7 Biggest Mistakes that English Learners Make!

What you will get for FREE:  
▶︎ 10 English lessons via email!
▶︎ Bonus tips and valuable study links!
▶︎ Access to an experienced English Teacher with over 16 years teaching ESL students!
▶︎ Join 10,000 other ESL Students!
* Also, special discounts on our eBooks and all future English learning products.
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Use the Law of Attraction and Amazing Manifestation Strategies to Attract the Life You Want

Manifest money, abundance, a great career, good fortune, and happy relationships. Direct your amazing mind power. Set your manifestation goals effectively. Attract the right people. And become more successful.
Tags: Fulfill all Your Wishes, manifestation Strategies, Attract the Life You Want, creating the life you want, The Secret Key to Attracting What You Want, powerful techniques, easy techniques, manifestation mastery, powerful steps, discover how to improve your life, realizing all your desires, Make Every Wish Come True

E-Books | Transitions: 464 | Date: 2015-10-09

Good Sex - A Sex Guide For Women On How To Give Men What They Want and Keep Them Coming Back For More

This book is basically your 'how to' guide, for mind-blowing sex, and how to use that particular phenomenon to not just satisfy your man, but also how to leave them panting for more! 
Tags: Good sex, sex guide, mind-blowing sex, improve your sex life, tips for women, Sex Advice for Women, How To Please Your Man, improve your sexual life, supercharge your sex life, tips, useful advice

E-Books | Transitions: 531 | Date: 2015-09-16

People asked me: “can you tell me the questions and answers for the interview?” or “what should I do to join your airline?”. They all wanted to know how to become a flight attendant. 
I wish I could give them the right answer. But I was not allowed. I was in the recruitment team at the moment and I couldn’t say a word.

This morning I have decided to call them back, one by one. I will help them to be prepared for an interview. I will help them to pursue their dream to become cabin crew. I will help them to fly high in the sky.
Tags: become a flight attendant, aviation, travel, The Essential Guide To Becoming A Flight Attendant, How to Become a Flight Attendant for Airlines, what courses to take to become a flight attendant, how long does it take to become a flight attendant, guide, tips, advice, books, ebooks

E-Books | Transitions: 465 | Date: 2015-09-02

Here are some of the topics that we will cover: 
• First steps that you should take after confirming your pregnancy 
• Pregnancy stages 
• Ultimate to-do list for the first, second and third trimester 
• What to eat and what not to eat during pregnancy 
• Changes in the body for expecting mothers 
• Child birth alternatives 
• Possible pregnancy complications/preventive measures 
• Caring for the new born 
• Suggestions to make your pregnancy extra memorable 
Tags: Secrets of pregnancy, childbirth,  expecting mothers, first steps, pregnancy stages, tips, advice, what to eat, what not to eat during pregnancy, child birth alternatives, guide, parenting, relationship, motherhood

E-Books | Transitions: 462 | Date: 2015-07-18

Reading This Book Could Help To Uncover Identifiable Phases Of Your Relationship 

This book is designed to help you identify the dynamics of each phase of relationships. It’s a sincere approach backed by in-depth studies which could to help you maintain a longer lasting relationship just by simply taking a direct approach to understanding yourself and your partner...
Tags: Relationship, advice, help, How To Lengthen Your Relationship, marriage, love, romance, tips, how to prolong, ways, effective ways, key  phases, 

E-Books | Transitions: 446 | Date: 2015-06-20

How I Turned 5k Into Over 100k Using Habits 

BONUS- Additional Free Wealthy Habits Report 

Have you always wondered what habits separate the rich from the poor? Discover what routines propelled young dreamers into powerful titans of industry, and how to apply their strategies to your own life. Unlock the secrets of what makes or breaks an entrepreneur, and what to do when one is faced with adversity. 
Tags: Wealthy habits, strategies, secrets, tips, improve your life, guide, practical information , rich, poor, business practices, finances, empowering, motivational, how to be rich, habits that can make your rich, business life, self improvement, personal success

E-Books | Transitions: 463 | Date: 2015-05-22

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